2015 Tex Noble Award Winner

Apr 20, 2016

This past week I was honoured with a PGA of Canada national award for the second straight year. This peer nominated and committee voted award for professional development is a huge honour, but it sparked my curiosity to learn more about who Tex Noble actually was. I was a little surprised at how difficult it was to find information about Tex Noble, but after some creative googling I was able to learn a little more about the pioneer in our industry.

20 Combat Veterans in an AimPoint Clinic

"Tex Noble, whose golf career began an assistant at the Calgary G&CC in the late 30's, spent a lifetime in the military before retiring as a high-ranking officer. In the late 1970s he was the Education Director for the Canadian PGA, creating and managing an education system that was used for more than 20 years and became the envy of PGA's around the world.
In 1983 he was hired as the CPGA's General Manager and proved invaluable in helping to resolve various internal issues. Totally devoted to the Association, Noble has been described as having had the capacity at the age of 70 to churn out more work in an 8 hour day than most 30-year-olds. When he finally retired from the CPGA the Tex Noble Award was created to honour his service to the Association."*

Tex Noble

The next thing that struck me was some of the past winners. To be associated with the likes of Henry Brunton and Mike Kelly really is icing on the cake. Both of these people have had such a profound impact on the game it is highly motivating to continue trying to move the industry forward as these two do year after year.

Over the past few years I have taken a sharp focus on guiding my career down the road of professional education. Initially this was by becoming a self-proclaimed "seminar junkie" and travelling the globe to learn from some of golf's greatest minds like Greg Rose, Dave Phillips, Mike Adams, and Mark Sweeney to name a few. The support of the PGA of Canada and PGA of Ontario has been invaluable for helping guide this journey. It has been a wonderful experience to have my career evolve from taking my TCCP Level 1 course with Gary Bernard back in 2000, to working closely with Glenn Cundari to on several of the PGA of Canada's education programs like Coach of Developing Competitors, Club Fitting Workshops, and the soon to be launched Instructor of Advanced Golfers.

TPI Power Coach Level 2 in Orlando?

While the road ahead is always uncertain I am looking forward to a fabulous 2016. The Golf Lab is entering its second year of providing Certification programs in China with multiple seminars scheduled. I am also excited for the launch of the Golf Lab Certified Coach program at multiple facilities across Canada. February will be exciting as I will be working with the Icelandic Golf Union, yes Iceland, to provide educational programming to their coaches. The TPI Power Coach Level 2 will be launching online shortly, and we are also scheduled to launch the level 3 program in Oceanside late in the year.

Recognition like the Tex Noble is technically an individual award, but in this case I feel it really is a testament to the industry for supporting my efforts. The list is long, and I am sure to have missed some, but I owe my sincere thanks to Greg Rose, Dave Phillips, Bruce McCarrol, Glenn Cundari, Gary Bernard, Mike Adams, Mark Sweeney, Lorin Anderson, Brennen Gee, Jason Giesbrecht, Donald Miyazaki, Henry Brunton, Dr Martin Toms, Dr Debbie Crews, Dr Phil Cheetham, Fredrik Tuxen and the team at Trackman, Tony Morgan and the team at KVest, John Thorpe and the team at Boditrak, Grant Holcomb, Roger Seguin and the rest of the team at Clublink, Nick Chertock and Alex Weber at GolfMDs, and of course my wonderful family.

Thank you.